Scouts to Host Over 800 Wisconsin Band Students at The Whitewater Classic

The Madison Scouts are excited to announce that over 800 Wisconsin area high school band students will be attending The Whitewater Classic with free tickets provided by a grant program through Forward Performing Arts.

“One of Forward Performing Arts' mission objectives is service to the marching arts community in the state of Wisconsin,” stated Programs Director David Lofy. “This is the third year we are running this ticket program and the number of participants has grown each year. The chance to see a DCI event with some of the highest caliber groups is an incredibly valuable experience for these young musicians and performers. We hope it provides them some inspiration to take back to their own local band programs."

“We are again excited to provide Wisconsin high school band students the opportunity to see a Drum Corps International event live and in person,” said Executive Director Chris Komnick. “We reached out to all the band directors within a 100 mile radius of Whitewater and provided them access to free tickets. We are expecting over 800 band students and educators to attend The Whitewater Classic as our guests!”

The Whitewater Classic will be held at Perkins Stadium on the University of Wisconsin Whitewater campus on Saturday, July 6 at 7:00 p.m. The lineup includes local SoundSport groups Green Beret Marching Band (Janesville, WI) and Sound of Sun Prairie (Sun Prairie, WI) along with Eclipse (Indianapolis, IN). Joining them are All-Age corps Rogues Hollow Regiment (Doylestown, OH) and Open Class Colt Cadets (Dubuque, IA). The World Class lineup of corps includes  Phantom Regiment (Rockford, IL), The Cavaliers (Rosemont, IL), Colts (Dubque, IA), Bluecoats (Canton, OH), and the Madison Scouts (Madison, WI).

Tickets can be purchased at