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Forward Leadership History & Foundations

Throughout their history, the Madison Scouts have lived out the core value of ‘service’; service to their community, to each other, and to those they perform for each night. Whether it’s leaving a housing site cleaner than they found it or bringing the Allentown audience to their feet, the Scouts have existed to serve others. When Forward Leadership was formed it was with service and the many values taught by Madison Scouts leaders from the past in mind.

Forward Leadership began formally serving the Madison Scouts in 2015, with the primary goal being: to provide every member, regardless of title, with high-quality leadership education. To achieve this goal, corps staff hosted leadership sessions during the camp season and summer tour to help build each member build their skill-set. Once equipped with these tools, members would put them into practice during rehearsal and beyond.

In addition to providing leadership education to the drum corps, Chris Komnick and Dann Petersen believed that this program would have value to band programs and their local communities across the country. Since its creation, Forward Leadership has provided numerous leadership clinics to high school and college bands.

2021 Curriculum

Forward Leadership continues to reimagine how leadership functions in the drum corps activity and the Madison Scouts. We strive to empower all of our members to take ownership of their culture and the learning process, to recognize the inherent value of every person, and to strive to serve their community through meaningful action.

The 2021 curriculum which was developed exclusively for the Madison Scouts and MadU Virtual Learning is now available to schools and businesses. Participants will be guided through various learning experiences that focus on:

Self-Realization and Relationship Development

Topics: Self-Assessment, Growth/Comfort Zones, Empowerment, Confidence, Self-Care, Building Relationships, Navigating the Ups and Downs, Mediating Conflict & Solution-Finding, and Effective Communication

Lifestyle Skill-building

Topics: Goal Setting, Creative & Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Creating a Routine, Structure & Organization, Delegation & Empowerment, Time Management, Lesson Planning, and Teaching Pedagogy

Customizable Lesson Plans

Those who participate in Forward Leadership are empowered to take ownership of developing positive, healthy culture within their organization. In addition, participants are equipped with the tools they need to take an active role in everyday learning or work processes.

Forward Leadership is tailored for delivery at school organizations, non profit leadership, and business leadership to maximize the team’s effectiveness through empowerment and positive culture. Our leadership educators will work alongside you to determine which lessons will be most relevant for your group. Live and virtual instruction options are available for booking year-round.

Meet the Team

Jason Robb

Leadership Director

Jason Robb is a freelance drill writer, pageantry designer, and educational consultant living in the suburbs north of Austin, Texas with his wife Jackie and son Joseph. He received his Bachelor of Music in Education and Trumpet Performance from Sam Houston State University in Houston, Texas.

For answers to specific questions, contact:
David Lofy
Leadership Educator/Administrator