Tuition & Financial Assistantance

We are committed to making your Madison Scouts experience affordable.

The Value of the Experience

20+ Performances

You'll have multiple opportunities to perform for thousands and compete with other drums corps during a 10,000 mile national tour.

Personal & Professional Development

The Madison Scouts provide you with many opportunities to develop key life skills such as self-discipline, team-building, and leadership.

50% Underwritten

Approximately half of the cost of your Madison Scouts experience is underwritten by the organization to help provide you affordable tuition.

Tuition & Payment Plan

Our tuition covers all housing, food, corps transportation, equipment, and uniform costs while you are on tour and during spring training, as well as an education delivered by our world class instructional team.

Tuition for 2024 coming soon!

Audition Fees

Technique Packet
Camp Experience Tuition

Payment Plan

Upon Joining
December 15, 2023
January 15, 2024
February 15, 2024
March 15, 2024
April 15, 2024
Remaining Balance
You will need to have sufficient funds for laundry every two weeks, as well as for other expenses such as rehearsal clothing, quality athletic footwear, performance gloves, performance socks, performance undergarments, personal OTC medications & medical supplies, and any spending money for free days or the occasional non-corps meal.

Financial Assistance

We want to see you march!

C.H. Beebe Scholarship Program

With the assistance of generous alumni and other financial supporters, the Madison Scouts actively maintain a pool of $50,000 in scholarships for which members can apply.

DCI Scholarships

Through Drum Corps International, tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships are awarded to Open Class and World Class members.

Customizable Payment Plan

Performers interested in developing a custom payment plan will work alongside our Financial Manager to create a plan that works for the individual and the drum corps. All performers must be paid in full prior to moving in for the season.