PJ Tankard and Tykeem Rainey to Lead Scouts Color Guard

The Madison Scouts are pleased to introduce the 2022 Madison Scouts Color Guard staff led by PJ Tankard and Tykeem Rainey.

Entering his second year with the corps, PJ Tankard will lead the guard as the Color Guard Caption Head. “As a 20-year veteran of the drum corps activity, PJ blends tremendous skill and experience as an educator with a deep understanding of the member experience,” states Educational Director Nick Monzi. “It is a privilege to have him leading our team as we head into this important season for the corps.”

Leading the caption creatively as Color Guard Designer is alumnus Tykeem Rainey. “Since day one of the design meetings, Tykeem has fired on all cylinders, bringing a sense of innovation, collaboration, and positivity that has energized our visual design,” says Program Coordinator Jason Robb. “He is a rising star in the guard world and has been choreographing for his own guard at Ronald Reagan High School as well as prominent WGI guards Onyx, George Mason, and Origins Independent.”

Tankard will lead an educational team including Mark Istratie (Assistant Caption Head), Kevin Arechavala, Ashley Gonzalez, Amanda Kobrick, Lisa Meissner,  Lauren Moffatt-Burns, Rachel Montañez, and Orien Sims.

Rainey will lead the choreography and aesthetics teams of Sarah Rillo-Cegielski (Broken Arrow), Lucas Schmidt (The Woodlands College Park), Atticus Griffin, Chad Duggan (Costume Design), and Travis Wade (Aesthetic Design).