Madison Scouts Welcome Justin Shelton as Audio Caption Supervisor and Electronics Designer

The Madison Scouts are pleased to welcome Justin Shelton to the role of Audio Caption Supervisor and Electronics Designer. 

Justin received a bachelor’s degree in Music Production Technology from the University of Texas at Arlington where he also worked as a recording engineer for the Aspen Music Festival and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. He has been on the audio staff for the Cavaliers and the Oregon Crusaders and currently creates the sound designs for many successful high school bands across the nation, including notable programs such as Cedar Ridge High School, Rouse High School, and Wakeland High School.

“I could not be more excited to bring Justin aboard to lead the Scouts audio team,” said Program Coordinator Jason Robb. “His professional experience in sound design and production will enable us to maximize our ability to enhance our productions through the electronics layer.”

“The professionalization of sound production within the drum corps activity has significantly elevated over the past decade,” added Executive Director Chris Komnick. “We are making the investment to assure the Madison Scouts sound great on the field. Justin will be leading that charge for us.”

“Joining such a historic organization in this activity is such an honor for me,” shared Justin. “I feel humbled to work with this team and look forward to making the Scouts’ field production sound great.”

In addition to his work in the marching arts, Justin’s music can be heard on major broadcasting networks such as the Discovery Channel, TLC, and the Syfy Channel. Justin resides in Austin, Texas with his wife Megan and their son Everett.