Madison Scouts to Tour South America in 2023

The Madison Scouts will begin their trip in Santiago, Chile, where they will explore the city, play standstill performances at local landmarks, and ring in the new year alongside the Blugold Marching Band (BMB) from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. The Scouts and the BMB, travel companions for the journey, are actively extending their partnership in education and performance.

On January 1, 2023, the groups will board the Norwegian Star Cruise Ship and embark on the trip around the South American coastline. When ‘days at sea’ occur, the groups will perform in the ship’s theatre for cruise patrons. The trip will conclude with three days in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the groups will play additional standstill performances before flying home.

Members of the 2021 and 2022 Madison Scouts will be invited to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime trip to Chile, Argentina, the Falkland Islands, and Uruguay. Friends, family, and alumni may also purchase travel packages or sponsor the experience for a Madison Scouts member. To be notified when more information is available, fill out the interest form below.

Travel Itinerary

Dec. 26-28, 2022 - Full Corps Rehearsal

Dec. 29 - Fly to Santiago, Chile

Dec. 30-Jan. 1 - Santiago, Chile

Jan. 1 - Board Norwegian Star Cruise Ship

Jan. 2 - Day at Sea

Jan. 3 - Puerto Montt, Chile

Jan. 4 - Puerto Chacabuco, Chile

Jan. 5-6 - Days at Sea

Jan. 7 - Punta Arenas, Chile

Jan. 8 - Ushuaia, Argentina

Jan. 9 - Day at Sea (Cape Horn)

Jan. 10 - Stanley, Falkland Islands

Jan. 11 - Day at Sea

Jan. 12 - Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Jan. 13 - Day at Sea

Jan. 14 - Montevideo, Uruguay

Jan. 15 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Disembark

Jan. 16-17 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jan. 18 - Fly Home

International Travel History

In 1947, two years after the conclusion of the second world war, C.H. Beebe and 31 members of the Madison Scouts traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to participate in the 6th World Scout Jamboree in Moisson, France. Upon their return, 17-year old corps member Robert Gesteland said,

“We got a chance to see both sides of the problem of international peace at the jamboree, and even better, the barriers of prejudice and ignorance of the other person’s position were broken down. War seems as though it were unnecessary.”

Prior to winning the DCI World Championship in 1988, the corps began their summer tour by traveling to England, the Netherlands, and Germany. While there, they hosted educational clinics and performed their field production and standstill performances at various locations.

Educational Mission

“As we were exploring opportunities to deepen our delivery of the Madison Scouts mission, we noted that international travel presents personal development opportunities that a traditional drum corps season may not,” said David Lofy, corps director. “I participated in two international trips during my time as a performer in the Blugold Marching Band that greatly shaped how I interact with the world and those around me. It is our hope that international travel will positively impact the development of the Madison Scouts membership.”

Dr. Randy Dickerson, Director of the 450+ member Blugold Marching Band, has taken his group on seven international trips since 2008. With the Madison Scouts rehearsing at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire during spring training, extending the partnership came naturally. The corps and band will travel side-by-side for the entirety of the trip.

“International travel is an essential component of a well-rounded education. In addition to enriching the lives of our students it has been a critical key to the success and growth of the Blugold Marching Band. We are thrilled to take the next step and partner with the Madison Scouts on this important and culturally relevant performance tour,” said Dr. Dickerson.

Additional Information

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