Madison Scouts Announce Initial 2021 Plans

Due to the pandemic, it will not be a summer similar to that which has defined drum corps through the years. But it will be something that creates the best opportunity to showcase and create the stage for the return of the marching arts activity.

The Madison Scouts are excited to announce that they will be participating in DCI’s 2021 events. The Scouts staff has worked on many planning committees to help shape and create the opportunity for the marching arts to return next summer. As well, the corps has actively kept its students engaged through its MadU virtual learning program.

The Scouts have been continually evaluating all means to assemble a performing unit for next summer. The team has worked hard to keep the organization active, agile, and financially prepared for this opportunity.

“We are excited to start putting definition to next summer,” said Executive Director Chris Komnick. “Health and safety concerns will be our first priority, but getting our students re-engaged and participating in the drum corps activity is also a priority.”

"After a difficult year away from in-person activity, we look forward to bringing the corps together when it is safe to do so." said Corps Director David Lofy. "While 2021 may look different, we are certain that the membership and staff of the Madison Scouts will make the most of every opportunity to perform."

The Madison Scouts continue to evaluate new students through a video audition process. Prospective students can learn more at:

2021 Madison Scouts Auditions