Cymbal Instructor

Anna Koh is a cymbal instructor from Farmington Hills, Michigan, now residing in Smyrna, Georgia. Since 2019 she has taught winter and fall cymbal lines at Dakota High School, Lake Orion Percussion, Plymouth-Canton Educational Park and Huron Valley Percussion. She currently instructs cymbals at Atlanta Quest and designs for Dakota High School.

In the summer Anna instructs the Madison Scouts cymbal line, previously teaching at Legends DBC as well. In addition to cymbals, she’s also instructed visual programs at North Farmington High School, Novi High School, P-CEP Marching Band, and Dakota High School.

She began her cymbal career at Farmington United Percussion Ensemble, afterwards marching at Genesis Percussion then Redline Percussion. Her first season of drum corps was at Legends DBC in 2017, going on to the Madison Scouts after three seasons.

In addition to teaching Anna owns and runs the cymbal sleeve company Flashpoint, while lovingly taking care of her cats and dogs Minerva, Arthur, Francis and Flugbo.