Michael Garvin


Mike Garvin joined the FPA Board in 2015 and currently serves as the Board Chairperson. Mike is a retired Chief of Intelligence of the 115th Fighter Wing, a premier unit of the Wisconsin Air National Guard and holds a BS in Mathematics from UW Whitewater and an MBA with an emphasis in Finance from the Katz Graduate School of Business. Among several esteemed positions held throughout his career is Executive Director of NextGen Institute from 2011-13 and Chairman of National Air Carriers Association in 2017. Mike is currently the President of USA Jet, the industry’s premier on-demand cargo charter airline.

Drawing upon his wealth of leadership experience, Mike has led FPA forward in organizational vision and strategic planning. He also used his network of business professionals to acquire a sizable foundational gift in 2019 and is looking to do more in the years to come. Mike marched in the Madison Scouts in ‘75 and ‘77 and participated in the Macy’s Parade in ‘14 and Mardi Gras in ‘18.