Kari White has been involved with the pageantry arts for 27 years. He was a marching member with the Blue Knights, Santa Clara Vanguard, and the Concord Blue Devils. He instructed groups such as the Glassmen (visual instructor), Cadets of Bergen County (visual instructor), Carolina Crown (visual instructor), Spirit of JSU (music instructor), Madison Scouts (visual instructor), Arizona Academy of the Arts (visual instructor), Boston Crusaders (visual caption head), and the Blue Devils. Kari has been fortunate to be associated as a marching member and instructor to earn 8 world championships titles and 6 visual titles. He has instructed and judged many high school marching bands in and outside of the United States. Kari was a cast member in the first national tour and first Japanese tour of Blast where he played trumpet, mellophone, snare drum, and toms.

Kari has worked in Student Affairs for the past 17 years at Colleges and Universities. He is very excited to be instructing the Madison Scouts and looks forward to a great experience for all persons.